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PrimeBetting has curated the privacy policy to convey to users how their personal information gets utilized. Read this policy to get a proper idea of how PrimeBetting collects, protects, and handles your personal information, including personally identifiable information.

Information Collected:

While interacting with the website, PrimeBetting may ask you for some personal information, including:

  • You name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Contact number
  • Credit/Debit Card Information
  • Transaction History
  • Web site usage details
  • Feedback on products, services, or any other information

While interacting with PrimeBetting, the servers will keep an active log of information like IP address, time/date of access, pages visited, languages, browser type, etc. We only collect this information when you provide it to us. This could be via website usage, transaction, etc.

Means of Collecting and Processing Data:

Apart from information collected from your dealings with us, we may also receive personal information from third parties and service providers who have referred you to PrimeBetting. We may also use third parties to support or facilitate online transactions or to help maintain your profile/online account. PrimeBetting also reserves the right to use your information to process orders or transactions. It is also used to provide you with relevant promotional offers. Your data with PrimeBetting remains secure, and we only share it with our teams and third parties.

How PrimeBetting Uses Your Information:

The provided and collected information is used for processing your dealings with PrimeBetting and offer support as and when required. PrimeBetting reserves the right to use this information for purposes such as site optimization, including the proper functioning of various programs and services offered. We also reserve the right to share your information with affiliate partners, agents, subsidiaries, etc., for assistance with technical matters such as processing transactions.

PrimeBetting can also ask for your participation in contests or surveys, but this is completely optional, and you have the right to disclose or reserve your personal data. Accepting any reward or prize means we can use your name and likeness for promotional purposes – there will be no additional compensation for this.

PrimeBetting may utilize your personal data to offer you information on our other products or services. We also do not indulge in sharing or leasing your personal data unless otherwise mentioned in this privacy policy. If required by law, we may disclose your personal information to relevant authorities. In case of bankruptcy, closure, or selling of the business, we possess the legal right to sell/share your personal madata and all the other details we have received/collected from you.

Updating Personal Information

If users want to update or delete or update their personal information, connect with PrimeBetting via the contact us page. This page can also be referred to submit any complaint or feedback regarding any queries related to personal data. If you want to opt-out oof any promotional activity, you can do so by contacting us or clicking on the opt-out button in the emails.

Use of Cookies

PrimeBetting uses cookies stored in minimal text files on your computer to record your preferences and track your use of the website. This information aids in improving our services and making the entire experience seamless for you. Users can accept or reject cookies, which may disable a few interactive features of the website and negatively impact the website’s functioning.

Information Security

PrimeBetting actively ensures the security of your personal information and financial data with the help of a password-protected database and active firewall that supports SSL Version 3 and 128-bit encryption.

Protection of Minors:

To use PrimeBetting, users have to be above the age of 18. Anyone who uses PrimeBetting or the associated services certifies that they are above the age of 18.

Location of Information

Information collected via PrimeBetting or affiliates and third parties can be stored in any country in which our associated third parties and affiliates reside or operate any type of facility. By using PrimeBetting and our services, you consent to the transfer of  the information outside your country.

Third-Party Websites, Links & Practices

Following links to and from PrimeBetting means your information may be provided to third parties. As these are independent PrimeBetting, we are not responsible or liable for the protection of rpthis information. Those third parties don’t adhere to this privacy policy, and it is best to check their privacy policy to get a concrete idea. We will not be accountable for any practice, policy, or action from these third parties.

Disclaimer of Legal Responsibility

PrimeBetting is not liable for any event occurring outside of our direct control. We also do not guarantee that PrimeBetting will operate error-free related to the privacy and protection of your personal information, meaning we will not be liable for any accidental, indirect, or consequential damage to the release or usage of any personal data.

Consent to Privacy Statement

By using PrimeBetting and associated services, you consent to this privacy policy and the terms and conditions. PrimeBetting also has the right to update this privacy policy at any time. Review this page regularly. Your continued usage of PrimeBetting and its servPrimeBettingices constitutes your agreement to and acceptance of this privacy policy and future updates.

For any questions regarding the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and how we utilize your personal data, please connect with us via the contact us page.